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Civil Liberties Privacy Office

To Submit A Complaint

The Civil Liberties and Privacy Office reviews, assesses, and, where appropriate, investigates complaints and other information indicating possible abuses of civil liberties and privacy in the administration of ODNI programs and operations.

If you wish to report a potential civil liberties and privacy violation or file a complaint, please provide a written detailed description of the incident and surrounding circumstances, and include copies of any unclassified documentation pertaining to the matter.

The information should be mailed to:

Office of the Director of National Intelligence
ATTN: Civil Liberties and Privacy Office
Washington, DC 20511

Please note:

  • The Civil Liberties Protection Officer's statutory duty to review, assess, and investigate complaints extends only to the administration of programs and operations of the ODNI. Accordingly, if your concern involves a program or operation administered by another U.S. Government department or agency, please submit your concern directly to that entity. Depending on the subject matter, your complaint may be referred to the IC Office of Inspector General or to another U.S. Government department or agency, such as the Department of Justice, to conduct an investigation as appropriate.
  • No action constituting a reprisal, or threat of reprisal, will be made against a Federal employee for making a complaint or for disclosing information to the Civil Liberties and Privacy Office that indicates a possible violation of civil liberties or privacy protections in the administration of ODNI programs and operations, unless the complaint is made or the information is disclosed with the knowledge that it was false or made with willful disregard for its truth or falsity.

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