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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chief Management Officer

National Intelligence Emergency Management

National Intelligence Emergency Management (NIEMA) provides for the framework, platforms, and systems to enable the Director of National Intelligence to lead an integrated and resilient IC enterprise capable of sustaining the “intelligence cycle” under any crisis or consequence management event, both at our headquarters and at our alternate operating locations.

The National Intelligence Strategy (NIS) outlines that the United States Intelligence Community must constantly strive for and exhibit three characteristics essential to our effectiveness; Integration, Agility, and Exemplification of American values. NIEMA’s vision is to utilize these three characteristics to allow us to be the key enabler for integration, collaboration, coordination, and facilitation of the IC’s resiliency enterprise framework.

We are responsible for leading the intelligence community’s emergency capabilities in support of key national preparedness, response, and recovery, and mitigation efforts including the National Continuity System, The Nuclear Command and Control System, The National Response Framework, The IC Critical Infrastructure Program, and the National Exercise Program.

Chief Management Officer - What We Do

Monday, April 09, 2012

Chief Management Officer

What We Do

The CMO communicates Director of National Intelligence priorities and guidance regarding internal ODNI operations to the ODNI workforce. The CMO promulgates internal policies to govern the administrative management of the ODNI, and oversees the implementation of cross-corporate programs in support of internal administrative operations.

Chief Management Officer - Who We Are

Monday, April 09, 2012

Chief Management Officer

Who We Are

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Chief Management Officer (CMO) exercises authority over the internal administrative operations of the ODNI, including transfer of ODNI personnel, personnel management, procurement, finance administration, facilities management, and internal security matters.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity - What We Do

Monday, April 09, 2012

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity

What We Do

The Chief of the Office of Intelligence Community and Diversity (IC EEOD) serves as a key advisor to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI); provides leadership to the Intelligence Community (IC), especially through the IC EEOD Council (EEO and Diversity principals) and senior leaders in each IC Element; and ensures the provision of EEO services to the DNI workforce.

The Office plays a leadership role in designing and implementing innovative EEO and diversity programs and diversity best practices to increase the overall representation of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities across the IC, and benchmarking model agency best practices for Title VII compliance.

To this end, DNI-EEOD works closely with all key stakeholders across the Intelligence Community to coordinate the development of diversity strategies and mechanisms to facilitate the implementation of DNI-wide policies and to ensure compliance with applicable law and statutes.

Focus areas include ensuring equity in hiring and recruitment, retention efforts, promotions, rewards and awards, process improvement, career development programs, complaint management and resolution, and reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.


Functional Areas

The DNI-EEOD consists of a front office and three distinct functional areas: IC EEO Outreach; IC Diversity Outreach; and, IC EEOD Strategy and Analysis.

Division of IC EEO Outreach
Responsible for policy formulation, implementation, coordination, and management of the civil rights and equal opportunity programs of the Office of DNI such as EEO training, reasonable accommodation, alternate resolution program, and complaints processing, in addition to Intelligence Community leadership, outreach, and coordination for EEO compliance programs.

Division of IC Diversity Outreach
Responsible for providing leadership to the DNI and IC in the overall management of diversity programs, specifically responsible for serving as a focal point on issues regarding diversity recruitment, community outreach, affirmative employment and special emphasis programs, diversity best practices and career development activities.

Division of IC EEOD Strategy and Analysis
Serves as a consultant on issues related to EEO and diversity. Responsible for developing IC-wide strategies and policies for driving change in EEO and diversity management. Specifically, responsible for developing organizational metrics and a formal assessment process for reporting and tracking the implementation of diversity management initiatives.

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