Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Public Affairs Office
Washington, D.C.
ODNI News Release No. 14-06
July 27, 2006

Office of the Director of National Intelligence Statement
in Response to the HPSCI Oversight Subcommittee's Report

"We have reviewed the U.S House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight Subcommittee’s Report on the Implementation of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. This report helps us take stock of our progress and chart the way ahead, and we very much look forward to working with the Committee in the future."

"We also appreciate the Subcommittee's recognition of reforms that are underway in the areas of: the President’s Daily Brief, Intelligence Community Mission Management, Open Source, reform at the FBI’s National Security Branch, restructuring of the Fiscal Year 2008 budget, and changes to the National Intelligence Estimate process."

"We have acted with urgency and focus in the approximately 100 new IRTPA and WMD Commission-related responsibilities the ODNI has taken on board, while still maintaining the level and fidelity of intelligence support our customers expect. While views may differ regarding the pace of progress in several areas, on balance, we believe major improvements in how the Intelligence Community collects, analyzes and shares intelligence have been realized during the 16 months the ODNI has been in existence."

"This report acknowledges the complexity and importance of the task before us. Similarly, we recognize that change does not come easily to large enterprises and that we must continue to aggressively work to fulfill the mandate of the intelligence reform legislation."

"We look forward to our continuing updates to Congress on our progress in implementing this historic legislation, in addition to regularly providing Congress the information they need to fulfill their oversight responsibilities."