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Deputy Compliance Officer (I&A)


1. Assist I&A develop a compliance program that conforms to the U.S. Constitution, the Privacy Act, EO 12333 (U.S. Intelligence Activities), PPD-28 (Signals Intelligence Activities), I&A Policy Instruction - 1002 (Safeguarding Personal Information Collected from Signals Information), and I&A Instruction - 1000 (I&A Intelligence Oversight Program and Guidelines).
2. Support the I&A Privacy/Intelligence Oversight Officer apply ODNI/CLPT and NSA guidance regarding the use of raw unevaluated SIGINT being shared with I&A consistent with EO 12333, Sec. 2.3 and other implementing guidance.
3. Report to leadership on the state of mission compliance along with recommended strategic, tactical or resource changes necessary to achieve reasonable assurance of consistency with legal authorities and policies impacting U.S. person privacy, the handling of U.S. person information, and PPD-28 in support of I&A's authorized intelligence activities.
4. Recommend to the Privacy/Intelligence Oversight Officer and Associate General Counsel (Intelligence Law Division) when a specific intelligence activity be stopped, modified, or resumed for compliance purposes.
5. Responsible for mentoring and developing junior compliance officers and mission auditors and for ensuring the overall effective performance of the compliance team.

Factor 1: Knowledge Required by the Position

Relevant experience performing compliance, legal, policy, auditing activities in the use of raw unevaluated SIGINT.

Previous experience supporting full scope compliance activities, such as planning, developing, and executing compliance programs. Managing compliance incidents, including identifying root causes, assessing impact of incidents and developing remedies that mitigate improper activities. Demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning skills to make analytical determinations.

Skill in oral and written communications in environments requiring a high degree of negotiation and interpersonal skills to allow the successful coordination of compliance activities within I&A, other DHS components, NSA and ODNI to successfully resolve inter-organizational conflicts. Experience communicating with legislative and executive branch staff responsible for conducting oversight of intelligence activities.

Ability to initiate, lead, mentor, recognize, value, build and leverage collaborative and constructive networks of diverse coworkers, peers, customers, stakeholders, and teams within an organization and across the IC to share knowledge and achieve results.

Ability to teach and mentor junior compliance officers and auditors in the review and auditing of processes utilizing raw unevaluated SIGINT.

Factor 2: Supervisory Controls
The incumbent operates under general administrative supervision and functions with wide latitude, exercising independent judgment in deciding courses of action, keeping the division director informed of significant events. The work of this position is reviewed in terms of accomplishment of goals and objectives and the success of the incumbent in complying with objectives of I&A and division senior leadership. Incumbent independently plans and accomplishes work and maintains the daily mission and functions of compliance activities.

Factor 3: Guidelines
Day-to-day operational guidelines include organizational policies, precedents, requirements, orders, short and long-term planning documents, contracts and contract proposals, and technical, academic, and professional publications and presentations, as well as federal laws and regulations affecting intelligence programs and policies. Guidelines provide a general framework in which the incumbent must exercise initiative and judgment in accomplishing his or her duties.
The incumbent consults with the Privacy/Intelligence Oversight Officer on issues that significantly depart from established concepts, theories, and principles, or which are sensitive in nature or potentially controversial, providing a preferred approach and options for addressing the issue or problem.

Factor 4: Complexity
The incumbent's work involves developing, evaluating, and improving compliance activities associated with the use of raw unevaluated SIGINT. The duties include developing procedures, establish policies, and determine priorities to enhance the safeguarding and use of SIGINT. Tasks involve advanced problem solving, complex planning and coordination, resolution of issues with numerous organizational elements, and development of procedures with recommendations for program improvement. The incumbent must also consider conflicting objectives among equally important priorities. Options, recommendations, and conclusions developed by the employee take into account and give appropriate weight to uncertainties about the data and other variables that affect long-range program performance. In some instances, work is complicated by the need to develop data about workload and program accomplishments that is currently unavailable.

Factor 5: Scope and Effect
Incumbent will assist in the development of a compliance program to ensure the safeguarding and proper use of raw unevaluated SIGINT. The scope of the work involves isolating and defining unknown conditions, resolving critical problems, or developing new theories. The effect of the work cuts across I&A, other DHS components and the IC.

Factors 6 & 7: Personal Contacts and Purpose of Contacts
The personal contacts are with individuals or groups from outside the employing agency in a moderately unstructured setting. The contacts are not established on a routine basis. The employee must be skillful in approaching, influencing, negotiating, persuading, and motivating the individual or group in order to achieve goals and objectives. The work usually involves active participation in conferences, meetings, hearings, or presentations involving problems or issues of considerable consequence or importance. The persons contacted typically have diverse viewpoints, goals, or objectives requiring the employee to achieve a common understanding of the problem and a satisfactory solution by convincing them, arriving at a compromise, or developing suitable alternatives.

Factor 8: Physical Demands
The work is sedentary. Some work may require walking and standing in conjunction with travel and to attendance at meetings and conferences away from the work site. The work does not require any special physical effort.

Factor 9: Work Environment
The work area is adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated. The work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions.

U. S. Citizenship is required.
• Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret/SCI security clearance.
• Occasional local and overnight travel may be required
• Occasionally longer than 8 hour days or weekends.

Telework is not available. Alternate work schedules are available. Tour of Duty: M-F 40 hours/week.

The most highly qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview. We expect to make a selection within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement. Applicants will be contacted ONLY if they have been selected for an interview.

A selection MAY be made prior to the closing of the announcement.
EOD is negotiable and is dependent upon when a selection is made.

The IC Joint Duty Program Manager, DHS-IE is Synette Isaac. The Program Manager may be contacted at (202) 447-4238, DHSJointDuty@hq.dhs.gov (open) or DHSJointDuty@dhs.ic.gov (Classified).

Employees must obtain permission through written endorsement from your employing IC element. Please contact your agency's Joint Duty Program Office for internal nomination procedures.
If the employing element nominates an employee for the joint duty rotational assignment; it will notify that employee and the joint duty program manager will forward the application package to an appropriate official of the gaining element.
Any application submitted directly by an IC employee to the gaining element will not be considered.

In accordance with ICS 601-01, all elements will accept a JDA application package that includes the items listed below. No additional written application, nomination, or procedural requirements will be imposed. The standard JDA application package includes:
a. A brief (two-page limit) candidate resume or biographical summary;
b. A short narrative describing the applicant's qualifications (general and specific) for the joint duty assignment;
c. An employing element nomination/endorsement

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