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HJ212 - Information Sharing and Safeguarding Officer - GS-14

Virginia-Northern Virginia

Component Mission

The Office of the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Policy and Strategy (OADNI/P&S) is responsible for developing and coordinating Intelligence Community (IC)-wide policy; setting IC strategy; overseeing and promoting responsible information sharing and safeguarding; managing the execution of the DNI's controlled access program responsibilities; and advising the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on initiatives. P&S' overriding aim is to build a more integrated, collaborative, and secure community.

Major Duties and Responsibilities (MDRs)

• Oversee the ODNI classification management programin a manner that supports and facilitates effective sharing of information within the ODNI and across the Government while protecting Intelligence and Law Enforcement sources and methods, operational equities, and U.S. persons' privacy.

• Oversee the implementation of interagency classification management activities and programs by coordinating and integrating the competing requirements and priorities of multiple stakeholders, to include planning and participating in interagency meetings.

• Plan, prepare, and present classification management briefings, reports, and presentations to ODNI leadership, senior policymakers, IC members, and other intelligence consumers and oversight entities in a manner that meets their specified requirements.

• Assess, identify, and evaluate the potential impact of obstacles to information flow across the Intelligence Community (IC) and work with policy analysts and IC partners to develop and implement policy and process improvements.

Mandatory and Educational Requirements

• Extensive knowledge of classification management, including classification practices, policies, procedures, and technologies.

• Extensive knowledge of the mission, charter, roles, and responsibilities of the ODNI, IC, and U.S. Government agencies, and how these organizations can effectively cooperate in implementing classification activities.

• Demonstrated ability to identify emerging classification management trends and issues, as well as the demonstrated ability to assess the influence of these trends and issues on the effectiveness of U.S. Government programs.

• Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, orally and in written reports and documents, policies, plans, and programs related to classification management.

• Demonstrated ability to logically analyze, synthesize, and judge information, as well as the demonstrated ability to review and incorporate multiple sources of information in performing assignments.

• Demonstrated ability to develop effective professional and interpersonal relationships with peers and colleagues in ODNI, the IC, and U.S. Government, and to earn their confidence and trust.

• Demonstrated ability to objectively evaluate U.S. Government and interagency classification management policies and plans, taking into account a diverse and complex range of considerations in performing the evaluations.

Applicants from Federal Agencies outside the IC, please visit www.dni.gov and search the vacancy number for directions on how to apply to this vacancy.

1. IC employees must apply by the vacancy close date. The IC employee application should include the following...
a. A brief (two-page limit) candidate resume or biographical summary.
b. A short narrative describing the applicant's qualifications (general and specific) for the joint duty rotational assignment.

2. Consistent with IC Standard 601-1, IC employees must be nominated by their employing (home) element within 10 days of the vacancy close date in order to be considered by the gaining element. Please contact your employing element's Joint Duty Program Office for nomination procedures as some agencies may require written supervisory endorsement at the time of application. IC Element Joint Duty Program Office contact info can be found at: https://jointduty.dni.ic.gov/Contacts.aspx

Any application sent directly by an IC employee to the gaining element will not be considered.

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