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30472 - IT Senior Project Manager-Deputy Project Manager for the Continuous Evaluation System - GS-14

Maryland-Montgomery County

Component Mission

The mission of the National Counterintelligence & Security Center is to lead and support the counterintelligence and security activities of the US Government, the US Intelligence Community, and US private sector entities who are at risk of intelligence collection, penetration or attack by foreign and other adversaries.

Major Duties and Responsibilities (MDRs)

If you are interested in being part of a team that is leading transformational change in the security clearance process across the federal government, then this job might be for you. If you are interested in being part of a team that is leading transformational change in the security clearance process across the federal government, then this job might be for you.

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), Special Security Directorate (SSD) is looking for an energetic, creative officer with strong leadership skills and a proven track record of successfully managing programs and partner relationships to serve as the Deputy Project Manager for the ODNI's Continuous Evaluation System (CES). Continuous Evaluation (CE) is an investigative technique leveraging automated records checks for personnel holding a security clearance to determine continued eligibility for access to classified information. The scope eventually extends to over five million US government staff and contractors who have a security clearance or have access to classified information, and to 74+ partner agencies on Top Secret, Secret and Unclassified networks. The CEP has significant congressional funding to develop, deploy and operate the CEP and the CES.

• The selected candidate will plan, manage, and coordinate complex Information Technology (IT) projects or programs that may include ill-defined requirements, ambiguity, parallel tasks, multiple dependencies, high risks, and multiple interfaces; ensure alignment with strategic or corporate objectives; develop the definition and review of customer and stakeholder requirements; ensure plans and schedules are developed and followed throughout the life of the project. Review, plan, and develop the resolution of issues in project plans and schedules based on a clear understanding of customer requirements and information on project cost, schedules, quality, and performance; plan, manage, coordinate, and of cost and resource estimates; participate in budget planning activities and develop cost estimating strategies for future projects.

• Specific duties and responsibilities include:

• Manage the day-to-day business of development and operations and maintenance of the CES. Primary responsibilities include serving as an internal and external facing executive for IT solutions for CE. Work with contactor subject matter experts and government personnel from across the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Executive Branch to plan and manage the requirements, architecture, and engineering aspects of the CES.

• Directly task technical leads for a large ITDAS stable of engineers and participate in an ITDAS Task Order effort set to be awarded in late 2018. The first release of the CES is currently in A&A testing on JWICS and set for an initial operating baseline in the summer of 2017. The system is being built using AWS platforms in both JWICS (C2S) and unclass.

• Directly task contractor development, architect and O&M leads.

• Assist CE Technical Director (TD) and CES Project Manager to further refine requirements into an Agile framework.

• Assist the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) in supporting a large ITDAS effort, and other smaller contracts as required.

• Assist NCSC Business Executive in follow-on contract for the CES O&M.

• Assist the CE Program Manager, TD & CES Project Manager to formulate and execute the CES budget.

• Work with the CE TD and CES Project Manager to support any NCSC Program Management Reviews.

• Work with appropriate staff officers on legal, policy, oversight and compliance questions that require resolution in order to make CES progress.

• Work with CEP, and the DNI IMO and other data stewards around the IC and the Executive Branch to define and identify issues with authoritative data that require decision and resolution to meet CE goals.

• Develop analysis of program alternatives.

• Provide oversight to the successful execution of spend plans and assess variances from cost and schedule baseline; oversee the reallocation of resources in response to change considering impact to project cost, schedule, and quality of deliverables.

• NCSC/SSD offers a flexible work environment that allows for work-life balance.

Mandatory and Educational Requirements

• Knowledge of the personnel security (or similar) business line and technological support to the business.

• Knowledge and ability to manage risk management process.

• Extensive program management, analytic, and critical thinking skills, including the ability to conduct program and management assessments, identify needs and requirements, and develop non-linear process improvement recommendations for implementation across the IC.

• Extensive experience in providing leadership, oversight, and guidance to the effective management of complex projects; in managing and mitigating risks, assessing customer requirements, identifying dependencies, and developing responsive project plans; in estimating costs and other resources using quantitative analysis to project requirements.

• Extensive experience examining project successes and failures and making expert recommendations to improve products and services; considerable ability to deal with service failures and prioritize customer needs.

• Demonstrated ability to balance responsibilities among project activities; ability to manage transitions effectively from task to task, adapting to varying customer needs.

• Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills, including a demonstrated ability to work effectively both independently and in a team or collaborative environment and to lead and mentor junior colleagues.

• Demonstrated ability to listen to, clarify, and convey understanding of others' ideas, comments, and questions as well as to integrate and build upon diverse opinions in a manner that encourages the formation of integrated solutions and positions.

• Demonstrated ability to develop or implement information systems security plans and procedures.

• Demonstrated ability to perform thorough work and conscientious about attending to detail.

Desired Requirements

• Experience: Previous successful assignments in personnel security business area and a thorough knowledge of background investigations and record checks. Knowledge of government and commercial data sources that may be used in the CE process; including how they might be collected and exploited.

• Education: Bachelor's degree, preferably in computer science, engineering, information science, information systems management, mathematics, operations research, statistics, or technology management.

Applicants from Federal Agencies outside the IC, please visit www.dni.gov and search the vacancy number for directions on how to apply to this vacancy.
What To Expect Next

The most highly qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview. We expect to make a selection within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement. Due to the large number of applications received, applicants will be contacted ONLY if they have been selected for an interview.

Other Information

The ODNI is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The ODNI provides reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified applicants with disabilities. IF YOU NEED A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Intelligence Community Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office Representative by classified email at DNI-EEOD-RA-ACF@exchange.cia.ic.gov, by unclassified email at DNI-EEOD@dni.gov, by telephone at 301-243-0704 or by FAX at 301-243-1200. Your request for reasonable accommodation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE EEOD EMAIL ADDRESS. THIS EMAIL IS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS ONLY. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE 'HOW TO APPLY' SECTION ABOVE.

Job Interview Travel: Candidates from outside the Washington, D.C., area may be selected for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview. If selected for an in-person interview, any travel or lodging will be at the applicant's personal expense.

1. IC employees must apply by the vacancy close date. The IC employee application should include the following...
a. A brief (two-page limit) candidate resume or biographical summary.
b. A short narrative describing the applicant's qualifications (general and specific) for the joint duty rotational assignment.

2. Consistent with IC Standard 601-1, IC employees must be nominated by their employing (home) element within 10 days of the vacancy close date in order to be considered by the gaining element. Please contact your employing element's Joint Duty Program Office for nomination procedures as some agencies may require written supervisory endorsement at the time of application. IC Element Joint Duty Program Office contact info can be found at: https://jointduty.dni.ic.gov/Contacts.aspx

Any application sent directly by an IC employee to the gaining element will not be considered.

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