United States Navy Seal

Contract Specialist

Maryland-Prince George's County

***OPEN UNTIL FILLED: This announcement will be open until the position is filled. Cut off points are scheduled in two-week increments. After each cut-off point, all compliant applications received during the previous two weeks will be reviewed for consideration.***

Serves as a contract specialist and advisor for the coordination and administration of contracts for a variety of supplies and services supporting program official's acquisition requirements. Advises on the procurement objectives to be used, and assists in the preparation of statements of work. Prepares determinations and findings and solicitation documents. Monitors awarded short and long-term, complex contracts for specialized programs.

Performs detailed analyses of all elements of cost in contractor proposals, and recommends competitive range determinations. Supports pre-proposal conference(s) with prospective contractor(s) to arrive at a clear understanding of what is required under the proposed contract. Obtains appropriate data from business and technical officials. Recommends modifications to clarify questions concerning such topics as specification changes, language ambiguities, or clarification of contract clauses. Explores new or innovative contracting approaches to arrive at an equitable contract arrangement.

Performs continual planning to integrate the actions involving contractual obligations and responsibilities of both the Government and the contractor. Initiates appropriate remedial action to avoid or minimize delays.
Develops and maintains systems to evaluate and monitor contractual performance. Identifies potential areas of production difficulties, cost overruns, and need for future funding requirements. Initiates appropriate remedial action to avoid or minimize delays.

Plans and supports post-award conferences to ensure compliance with, and full understanding of contractual requirements and to preclude unauthorized changes or alterations in contract provisions. Supports the negotiation of changed contract requirements or settles issues that develop after contract placement, e.g., equitable adjustments in price and/or delivery schedule for unilaterally directed changes in the work, for damages suffered by the contractor due to late delivery or defective condition of Government furnished property, for increases or decreases in taxes included in the contract price, or similar conditions.

Supports the execution of various contract administration tasks which may include incremental funding, preparation of rate and cost adjustments, redirection of effort, coordination of time extension, incorporation of change orders, issuance of stop work orders, monitoring and reporting issues, approval of progress payments, final payment, and contract closeout. Recommends termination of contracts for the convenience of the Government or default by the contractor.

Performs other duties as assigned.

1102 Warrant for Simplified Acquisition

1. IC employees must apply by the vacancy close date. The IC employee application should include the following ...
a. A brief (two-page limit) candidate resume or biographical summary.
b. A short narrative describing the applicant's qualifications (general and specific) for the joint duty rotational assignment.

2. IC employees must be nominated by their employing (home) element within 10 calendar days of the vacancy close date in order to be considered by the gaining element. Please contact your employing element's Joint Duty Program Office for nomination procedures as some agencies may require written supervisory endorsement at the time of application. IC Element Joint Duty Program Office contact info can be found at: https://ichas.dni.ic.gov/JDAT/Contacts.aspx. Any application sent directly by an IC employee to the gaining element will not be considered.


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