About ODNI/IC Employment:

Who works for ODNI?

The ODNI is a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the Intelligence Community. ODNI is primarily a staff organization that employs subject-matter experts in the areas of collection, analysis, acquisition, policy, human resources, and management.

How do I become an ODNI employee?

Jobs available with the ODNI are posted on the USAJobs website . Interested applicants should apply to specific vacancy listings.

What are the application requisites?

Please review each vacancy announcement for the specific application requirements for each position.

Does the ODNI offer internships or scholarships?

No, the ODNI does not offer internships or scholarships. However, some IC agencies do provide internships and scholarships. You may visit www.intelligence.gov for additional information on available opportunities.

Can I volunteer to work at ODNI?

Because so much of the ODNI's work involves classified material and requires security clearances involving an extensive background investigation, there are no volunteer opportunities available with the ODNI.

Do you have to be a US citizen to work for ODNI?


How long is the typical application process?

The total process can take up to six to eight weeks (not including the security clearance process). Vacancy announcements are typically advertised for two weeks. Once the vacancy closes a hiring manager receives the applications within three to five business days for the initial screening. Then, interviews are usually conducted, followed by the hiring manager's submission of the "Request to Hire" form, then a conditional offer is made to the applicant.

Please note that our recruiting office will contact job applicants within 45 days regarding the status of their application, and additional information will not be provided in response to phone calls.

How long does the security clearance process take?

The security clearance process can take up to four to six months, but will vary per applicant.

Where can I learn more about ODNI and IC jobs?

You may visit USAJobs.com, or click on any of the links under the "Careers" tab on this website.