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Intelligence Integration

What We Do

The DDII's primary missions are:

  • Manage and support the National Intelligence Manager teams as a unifying and integrating force for national intelligence analysis, collection, plans, and operations across intelligence disciplines and functions.
  • Develop and implement the Unifying Intelligence Strategies to address the nation's most pressing national security concerns and persistent and emerging threats.
  • Through the National Intelligence Council, deliver strategic intelligence analysis on regional and transnational issues of high importance to the Intelligence Community's (IC’s) most senior customers.
  • Working with ODNI Enablers and the IC, provide integrated solutions to address major IC mission and enterprise opportunities, challenges, and gaps.
  • Oversee the production of the President's Daily Briefing to support the President and other senior policy and military officials.
  • In coordination with the National Intelligence Analysis and Production Board and the IC analytic schoolhouses, raise the quality of analytic tradecraft throughout the Community.
  • Evaluate the IC’s progress against UIS challenges and gaps, facilitating DDII’s and the NIMs’ ability to conduct integrated mission management.
  • In support of the NIMs and the UIS process, develop standards and requirements for integration of national intelligence operations.
  • Engage other elements of the ODNI staff as well as national intelligence Functional Managers to drive their enabling operations.
  • Perform mission oversight, program development, alignment, and implementation of improved intelligence collection and analysis tradecraft, capabilities, and operations through greater integration.

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