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National Counterproliferation Center

What We Do

National Counterproliferation Center Seal NCPC works with the Intelligence Community to identify critical holes in our weapons of mass destruction (WMD) knowledge - resulting from shortfalls in collection, analysis or exploitation - and then develops strategies to reduce or close these gaps. Counterproliferation efforts aim to eliminate or reduce the threats caused by the development and spread of WMD. To do this, NCPC depends on the 17 agencies in the Intelligence Community and partners across the US Government and with experts in the private sector.

The U.S. Government focuses on five objectives:

  • Discourage interest in WMD by states, terrorists, or armed groups.

  • Prevent states, terrorists, or others from acquiring WMD capabilities or suppliers from providing such capabilities.

  • Roll back or eliminate WMD programs of concern.

  • Deter WMD use.

  • Mitigate the consequences of any use of WMD against the United States or its allies.

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