Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity tackles some of the most difficult challenges across the intelligence agencies and disciplines, and results from its programs are expected to transition to its IC customers. IARPA does not have an operational mission and does not deploy technologies directly to the field.  


IARPA is capable of quickly responding to new priorities, emerging challenges, scientific breakthroughs, and emerging technological opportunities. IARPA does not institutionalize programs; the status quo is always questioned, fresh ideas and perspectives are always encouraged, and only the best ideas and research performers are funded.


IARPA is committed to technical excellence and technical truth and insists that technical risk be accompanied by technical rigor.  The scientific method and peer review are upheld as critical elements of program execution.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act Detailee (IPA)

Assignments may be made to or from federal agencies and the following: state and local governments; private and public colleges and universities; Indian Tribal governments; federally funded research and development centers; and qualified non-profit organizations involved in public management. Assignments must be with the consent of the employee and for work of mutual benefit to the organizations involved. Incoming IPA assignments are funded through grants to the institution as reimbursement for salary and benefits. It is NSF's policy to request at least 15% cost sharing of salary and benefits from the institution for incoming IPA assignments. Indirect and administrative costs cannot be reimbursed by NSF. Policy information on the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Program is contained on the Office of Personnel Management's website.


For more information click here - https://www.nsf.gov/careers/rotator/ipa.jsp


Military Fellows

The Military Fellows Program is run by the ADNI/PE and the Military Assistant ADNI/PE. These fellowships enable analysts to pursue intensive research of critical value to U.S. national security and foreign relations.  Fellows are assigned to various schools and attend the ODNI Fellowship Program as part of their studies (Command General Staff College, Senior Service College). During the twelve-month tenure of the fellowship, analysts will be freed from routine duties and based away from their home offices, working independently or collaboratively on research projects. Successful candidates must demonstrate creativity and an ability to think critically and work independently. Analysts who intend to explore the use of new analytic methodologies are especially encouraged to apply.  

Presidential Appointees

Presidential Appointee (PA) are appointed by the President.


Presidential Innovation Fellows Program


The Presidential Innovation Fellows work with federal partners that share our values for providing citizen-centric solutions and deploying agile solutions using the best principles and practices of the innovation community.

Acting like a government-to-government incubator, Presidential Innovation Fellows and their agency partners explore problems, uncover insights, and create exciting new opportunities to improve our government. Our approach includes workshopping, deep dives, design sprints, live user-testing, and rapid prototyping with the goal of maximizing results in the shortest possible timeframe.


If you are a federal employee or agency and would like to work with us, we’d like to hear from you.


For more information, click here - https://presidentialinnovationfellows.gov/  



Veterans / Wounded Warriors

The Federal Government has a long and outstanding record of employing veterans and the Intelligence Community is no exception.

The ODNI created the Intelligence Community Wounded Warrior Program in June of 2009 to consolidate similar efforts across the IC, boost the number of permanent and temporary job opportunities for wounded service people, and raise awareness.

Over the past three years, many IC organizations – including the ODNI, NRO, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency – have individually supported the Defense Department’s Operation Warfighter Program, which helps service members who are recuperating at military facilities to land temporary assignments in the federal government.

These IC efforts complement the President's Veterans Employment Initiative to increase the hiring of veterans across the federal government. Federal service provides a means for veterans to continue their noble service to this country.

The Office of Personnel Management has created a web site, a single depository without redundancy and misinformation that meets all veterans' employment information needs.