Updated 02/09/2018

Guidance on the furlough and FAQs are available on DNI.gov.  For other furlough questions, please contact HR between 0800 and 1600, Monday through Friday, at 703-275-3160.  Additional furlough information is located on the Office of Personnel Management’s website: www.opm.gov.


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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has prepared human resources guidance for agencies and employees in the event of furloughs. There are two types of furloughs:

An administrative furlough is a planned event by an agency which is designed to absorb reductions necessitated by downsizing, reduced funding, lack of work, or any budget situation other than a lapse in appropriations. Furloughs that would potentially result from sequestration would generally be considered administrative furloughs.

A shutdown furlough (also called an emergency furlough) occurs when there is a lapse in appropriations, and can occur at the beginning of a fiscal year, if no funds have been appropriated for that year, or upon expiration of a continuing resolution, if a new continuing resolution or appropriations law is not passed. In a shutdown furlough, an affected agency would have to shut down any activities funded by annual appropriations that are not excepted by law. Typically, an agency will have very little to no lead time to plan and implement a shutdown furlough.



While full deductions will be taken for the items listed above, employees will only be taxed (Social Security, Medicare, Federal, State and local income tax) on gross pay.  For employees who don’t have enough gross pay to cover all deductions, click here to read an order of precedence defined by OPM.  For assistance pertaining to TSP loans or unemployment during the government shutdown please see information posted below or call HR at 703-275-3160.


If you have been furloughed as a result of the government shutdown, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. In order to apply for unemployment, each employee will need to provide proof of earnings. You may be asked to provide a W-2, SF50 or SF8. Some states may also require the most recent pay stub.

Please contact the HR --703-275-3160 -- which will mail the SF50 or SF8 and, if required, the most recent pay stub, to the employee's home address.
To apply for unemployment benefits, first determine which state to apply to, using the location of your official duty station:


Employees can file immediately, there is no waiting period. However, the first week is considered a non-payable week (waiting period). To apply, you must use the paper application found here.

Mail the paper application to:

Virginia Employment Commission
P.O. Box 1358
Monetary Determinations - Rm 200
Richmond, VA 23218

In addition, a Q&A sheet regarding Virginia unemployment benefits and federal shutdown may be found here.


Employees can file immediately and eligibility for benefits begins the week you file your claim. The claim becomes effective the Sunday of the week during which you apply for benefits.

To apply, you may submit a paper or on-line application. This application has been designed solely for those Federal employees unemployed due to the Federal shutdown and will only be available during the shutdown period.

Online is the preferred method and will probably be processed more quickly. Apply using this link.

District of Columbia

Employees can file immediately, there is a mandatory one-week waiting period before benefits are paid. The waiting period is the first week for which you would otherwise be eligible. Initial applications will only be accepted online.

In addition, FAQs regarding unemployment benefits and the government shutdown in the District can be found here.


IMPORTANT: If you apply and receive unemployment benefits, and you subsequently receive back pay for the shutdown period, your unemployment benefits may be considered an overpayment by the state issuing the benefits, and you may be required to return those benefits received during the furlough period.

Remember, you remain an employee of the federal government, and standards of ethical conduct and rules regarding outside employment remain in effect while you are in a furlough status.

Finally, as a federal government employee, you are not required to look for employment in order to receive or continue to receive unemployment benefits, but you must report any outside income in your application.


Employees and the requesting organization can send their inquiry to the HR -- 703-275-3160 -- accompanied by an authorization to release form (provided by the perspective employer) signed by the employee.

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