Combatting Human and Narcotics Trafficking: Operation Strong Safety

Combatting Human and Narcotics Trafficking: Operation Strong Safety

Texas is home to more than half of the United States’ border with Mexico. Along this 1,200 mile span, human and drug smuggling operations and related criminal activity are a significant concern.

To combat these issues, the Texas Department of Public Safety launched Operation Strong Safety (OSS), a multi-agency effort that temporarily increases the patrol presence in areas with the greatest need.

Under the OSS program, air, ground and marine saturation patrols from more than 15 agencies coordinate efforts to disrupt transnational criminal activity in areas outside official ports of entry.

In concert with these efforts, intelligence analysts using the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) are able to take real-time feedback from field patrols, provide strategic analysis and share that information simultaneously with officials from every agency involved in an operation. HSIN also provides mapping functionalities and the capability to stream video from air surveillance platforms, providing commanders with information and live video from officers on the front lines.

The OSS illustrates capacity-building on a nation-wide scale.  Efficient and timely data exchange coupled with a “shared first” culture, ensures proactive, informed decision-making. The establishment of shared services and interoperability optimizes mission effectiveness and maximizes available resources–ultimately conserving taxpayer dollars. To learn more about this program, visit Texas DPS online.