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Intelligence Community Policy Guidance

ICPG 101.1
 - Intelligence Community Directives and Policy Guidance

ICPG 101.2 - Intelligence Community Standards

ICPG 403.1 - Criteria for Foreign Disclosure and Release of Classified National Intelligence

ICPG 403.2 - Procedures for Foreign Disclosure and Release Requiring Interagency Coordination, Notification, and DNI Approval

ICPG 403-3 - Criteria and Conditions for Emergency Foreign Disclosure and Release

ICPG 403.4 - Procedures for Interagency Coordination Prior to Foreign Disclosure and Release to Senior Foreign Officials

ICPG 500.2 - Attribute-Based Authorization and Access Management

ICPG 501.1 - Exemption of Information from Discovery

ICPG 501.2 - Sensitive Review Board and Information Sharing Dispute Resolution Process

ICPG 501.3 - Subsequent Use of Information

ICPG 660.1, Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program Implementation Guidance

ICPG 704.1 - Investigative Standards

ICPG 704.2 - Adjudicative Guidlines

ICPG 704.3 - Denials or revocation of Access to SCI

ICPG 704.4 - Reciprocity

ICPG 704.6 - Conduct of Polygraph Examinations for Personnel Security Vetting

ICPG 704.5 - Personnel Security Database Scattered Castles

ICPG 707.1 - Construction Security Review Board

ICPG 710.1 - Application of Dissemination Controls: Originator Control

ICPG 710.2/403.5 - Application for Dissemination Controls:  Foreign Disclosure and Release Markings

ICPG 801.1 - Acquisition

ICPG 801.2 - Contracting and Procurement Policy

ICPG 801.3 - Acquisition Workforce

ICPG 900.2 - Crisis Management

ICPG 900.3 – Mission Posture Change Reporting

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