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Records Control Schedules

Title Number
Associate DNI/ Systems and Resource Analyses    N1-576-11-001
Associate DNI/ Human Capital and IC Chief Human Capital Officer N1-576-11-003
Civil Liberties and Privacy Office N1-576-11-007
Deputy DNI/ Acquisition and Technology N1-576-11-006
IC Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity N1-576-11-009
National Counterintelligence Executive N1-576-08-005
National Counterproliferation Center     N1-576-08-006
National Intelligence Council N1-576-09-008
National Intelligence Managers N1-576-09-002
Office of Legislative Affairs            N1-576-11-005
Office of the Associate DNI and Chief Information Officer  N1-576-10-001
Office of the Chief Financial Officer N1-576-10-003
Office of the Chief of Protocol   N1-576-09-004 
Office of the Deputy DNI for Analysis N1-576-09-003
ODNI - National Counterterrorism Center N1-576-08-001 
Office of the Executive Secretary N1-576-09-007
Office of the General Counsel    N1-576-10-002 
Policy, Plans, and Requirements               N1-576-09-005
Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment        N1-576-11-010 
Public Affairs Office        N1-576-11-004
Terrorist Identity Records            N1-576-09-001
Worldwide Terrorist Incident Records N1-576-09-006

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