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United States Intelligence Community Seal

US Intelligence Community SealThe Intelligence Community signature emblem was announced by former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell November 26, 2008. It was designed by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Heraldry, and approved by the Intelligence Community Executive Committee.

The compass rose symbolizes the clandestine nature of intelligence operations and their global reach. The design incorporates a polestar, one of the traditional design elements associated with intelligence; the globe represents the area of operations. The ODNI seal in the center signifies ODNI’s leadership role within the IC.

The eight points of the polestar represent the six departments and two independent agencies of the Intelligence Community. They are combined with the 15 stars around the circumference represent the elements of other agencies that are also part of the Intelligence Community.

The banner draped over the lower portion of the compass rose is inscribed with the three core values of the Intelligence Community –  Courage, Collaboration, and Commitment.

Download the United States Intelligence Community Seal

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