Intelligence Integration



The DDII's primary missions are:

  • Manage and support the National Intelligence Manager teams as a unifying and integrating force for national intelligence analysis, collection, plans, and operations across intelligence disciplines and functions.
  • Develop and implement the Unifying Intelligence Strategies to address the nation's most pressing national security concerns and persistent and emerging threats.
  • Through the National Intelligence Council, deliver strategic intelligence analysis on regional and transnational issues of high importance to the Intelligence Community's (IC’s) most senior customers.
  • Working with ODNI Enablers and the IC, provide integrated solutions to address major IC mission and enterprise opportunities, challenges, and gaps.
  • Oversee the production of the President's Daily Briefing to support the President and other senior policy and military officials.
  • In coordination with the National Intelligence Analysis and Production Board and the IC analytic schoolhouses, raise the quality of analytic tradecraft throughout the Community.
  • Evaluate the IC’s progress against UIS challenges and gaps, facilitating DDII’s and the NIMs’ ability to conduct integrated mission management.
  • In support of the NIMs and the UIS process, develop standards and requirements for integration of national intelligence operations.
  • Engage other elements of the ODNI staff as well as national intelligence Functional Managers to drive their enabling operations.
  • Perform mission oversight, program development, alignment, and implementation of improved intelligence collection and analysis tradecraft, capabilities, and operations through greater integration.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration (DDII) was established in October 2010 to work toward the vision of a fully integrated Intelligence Community. In May 2019, Beth Sanner became the Deputy DNI for Intelligence Integration.

Within DDII, regional and functional National Intelligence Managers (NIMs) develop Unifying Intelligence Strategies (UIS) for geographic and topic areas. These UIS serve as a roadmap to help the Intelligence Community work together on the highest-priority intelligence issues.

  • The  National Intelligence Management Council (NIMC) serves as the corporate coordination and administrative management staff for the NIMs. Appointed by the DNI, NIMs serve as the principal substantive advisors on all or specified aspects of intelligence related to designated countries, regions, topics, or functional areas. NIMs provide a single voice to policymakers to orient and guide collection and analytic activities to satisfy customers’ information needs.
  • The National Intelligence Council (NIC) serves as a bridge between the intelligence and policy communities, a source of deep substantive expertise on intelligence issues, and a facilitator of IC collaboration and outreach.
  • The President’s Daily Brief Staff (PDB) organizes the IC’s daily intelligence reporting to the President and cabinet members.
  • The Mission Integration Division (MID) works to strengthen the Intelligence Community’s (IC) ability to respond to national intelligence priorities in a multi-INT, cross-discipline environment.  MID accomplishes this mission by working across the IC to ensure our people, processes, and technologies meet the demanding needs of the analysis and collection mission areas, while promoting integrity and tradecraft.