Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

Security and Suitability Process Reform Effort:  Strategic Goals


The strategic goals of the Security and Suitability Process Reform Effort are derived from the authorities cited in IRTPA and EO 13467 and support the stated reform purpose:  to improve the timeliness, efficiency, and quality of the existing security clearance and suitability determinations systems.


GOAL 1 – RECIPROCITY.  Establish policies and processes to support government-wide reciprocity of investigations and adjudications to the extent possible in order to eliminate unnecessary investigations and adjudications.


GOAL 2 – SECURITY CLEARANCE AND SUITABILITY DATABASE (INTEGRATED DATABASE).  Enhance utility of and increase access to an integrated, secure database containing security clearance and suitability investigations and adjudications information, in order to facilitate reciprocity.


GOAL 3 – IT/END-TO-END AUTOMATION.  Leverage technology to improve timeliness and quality of the personnel security process, using end-to-end automated IT capabilities.


GOAL 4 – TIMELINESS.  By December 2009, the goal was to make 90% of determinations within an average of 60 days from application submission to adjudicative decision (average of 40 days for investigation and 20 days for adjudication).  Note: This goal was met in December 2009 and SecEA continues to monitor individual agency performance.


GOAL 5 – SECURITY AND SUITABILITY ALIGNMENT.  Align Security and Suitability policies and processes using consistent standards to the extent possible to provide for reciprocity, cost, and time efficiencies.


GOAL 6 – CONTINUOUS EVALUATION/PERIODIC REINVESTIGATION.  Implement more frequent reinvestigations of individuals to ensure continued eligibility for access to classified information or to hold a sensitive position, thereby reducing risk to national security, and periodic reinvestigation for those in public trust positions to ensure earlier detection of potential issues.


GOAL 7 – QUALITY.  Build quality into every step of the reformed security and suitability process.

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