Intelligence Matters Podcast Features NCTC Director

Intelligence Matters Podcast Features NCTC Director

Friday, 29 September 2017 14:53

NCTC Director Nick Rasmussen is featured in this week’s episode of Intelligence Matters with Michael Morell, in an interview that gives insight into the progress made against ISIS in the battlefield, why al-Qa‘ida is still a priority, primary threats currently facing the Homeland, and how the terror threat has evolved.

The interview gives a behind-the-scenes perspective of the effort to bring bin Laden to justice and clarifies for the public how NCTC fits into our national security.

“NCTC is an information hub, and our task is to provide the clearest possible picture of the terrorism threat that we face as a country, objectively, without bias,” Director Rasmussen said.

“We are a blended organization of permanent employees, and officers who are loaned to us from other organizations,” he said. “What that gives us is a tremendous source of strength.”

“That’s what I want the American people to know, that they have the best and brightest people in their government working every day to keep them safe.”

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