Darryl Fengya

Darryl Fengya

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Mr. Fengya assumed the duties of the National Counterterrorism Center Deputy Director in in an acting capacity in October 2020. He has been the Director for Operations Support since March 2009. The Directorate of Operations Support provides around-the-clock support to NCTC and the broader counterterrorism community. The Directorate develops and rapidly disseminates terrorism situational awareness intelligence, facilitates information sharing, enables NCTC operations through crisis management and response planning, manages NCTC exercise and special event support, and coordinates IC support to international special events on behalf of the DNI.


Mr. Fengya joined NCTC in August 2007. Serving in the Strategic Operational Planning Directorate as a Senior Group Chief, he was responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of various national level counterterrorism plans. Prior to this assignment Mr. Fengya served on the Secretary of Defense staff working for the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence from October 2004 through July 2007.


In 2004 Mr. Fengya transitioned to civilian service from the United States Navy following 27 years of active duty as a Naval Intelligence Officer, having attained the rank of Captain. During his Navy career he worked closely with the Navy’s aviation, surface warfare, underseas warfare, and SEAL communities while serving in operational and staff assignments. His Navy career included assignments ashore, afloat, and overseas culminating in his assignment as the Director of Intelligence of the United States Joint Forces Command. While on active duty Mr. Fengya was a fully qualified Joint Duty Officer.


Mr. Fengya is a graduate of Indiana University, and holds Masters Degrees in National Security and Strategic Studies and in International Relations. He is a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Naval War College. As a National Security Fellow he attended Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, and Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He also attended Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and Cybersecurity Policy Executive Seminar.


Mr. Fengya was born and raised in Indiana. He is married and has two sons.