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ODNI General Counsel Robert Litt’s As Prepared Remarks on Signals Intelligence Reform at the Brookings Institute

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
A year and a half ago, in July 2013, I gave a speech here about Privacy, Technology and National Security. It was just about a month after classified documents stolen by Edward Snowden began appearing in the press, at a time when people in the United States and around the world were raising questions about the legality and wisdom of our signals intelligence activities.  My speech had several purposes. 

Remarks as delivered by DNI James R. Clapper on “National Intelligence, North Korea, and the National Cyber Discussion” at the International Conference on Cyber Security

Thursday, January 08, 2015
It’s great to be here after fighting the snow traffic in Washington to get to the airport, and then flying here.  I want to thank Father McShane [Fordham University President Joseph M. McShane], for that kind introduction. You have some truly remarkable speakers and panels this week, and I’m humbled that you invited me to speak. Thanks for having me.

Remarks as delivered by The Honorable James R. Clapper Director of National Intelligence

Monday, October 27, 2014
Thank you, Tony [Tyler, IATA Director General and CEO] for that kind introduction. I’ve been told I’m the first person to represent the Intelligence Community speaking at AVSEC World, and that’s probably a precedent we should have set a long time ago. Since this is my first time speaking publicly with IATA at all, I really appreciate you extending this invitation.

“Disability as an Intelligence Community Mission Need” Remarks as delivered by PDDNI Stephanie O’Sullivan

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Good morning. I love “firsts,” and I’m glad we set this summit up. Thank you, Rita [Sampson, director of Intelligence Community equal employment opportunity and diversity], for inviting me to kick this off. I’m particularly happy that we’re putting some devoted thought into meeting the needs of disabled members of our workforce. Read more...

Remarks as Delivered by The Honorable James R. Clapper Director of National Intelligence AFCEA/INSA National Security and Intelligence Summit

Thursday, September 18, 2014
This is truly remarkable, to see INSA and AFCEA co-hosting this summit. It’s extra special for me, because I’m somewhat of an “INSA hipster.” I was into INSA before it was cool. [laughter]
Actually, I was into INSA before it was INSA. In the late ‘90s, I was president of SASA for a year or two, and I tried to promote – a word you’ll hear again from me – integration with AFCEA. For a lot of reasons, that was an idea whose time just hadn’t come yet. Now, it has.

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