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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 00:00

May 13, 2014
By Amber Corrin
Federal Times

On the face, the Defense Department’s Joint Information Environment and the intelligence community’s IC Information Technology Enterprise seem similar: Both are broad efforts to consolidate IT, improve information-sharing and achieve cost savings and efficiencies. While the two are related – and are being developed with close coordination between DoD and IC agencies – there are significant differences that separate JIE and ICITE.

What the two initiatives share are plans to collaborate across agencies and shared services that can be extended between the top secret networks of the IC, and the secret and unclassified networks of the military. Those shared services currently are being developed, with an initial meeting taking place in April between officials at the Defense Information Systems Agency and members of IC leadership, according to Office of the Director of National intelligence CIO.

Another common area is in the development of policies and oversight that eventually will manage the two efforts.

“There are differences in our approaches, but close relationships between the two – namely ensuring we jointly work to support mission operations,” Al Tarasiuk, ODNI CIO, said May 13 at the AFCEA JIE conference in Baltimore. “One area of strong convergence is in the area of governance.”


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