How Uber Could Help Solve National Security Problems

How Uber Could Help Solve National Security Problems

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 15:47
August 10, 2015

By Aliya Sternstein
Defense One

The intelligence community this month quietly released an unprecedented, unclassified five-year-road map charting the future of data analysis it wants commercial start-ups like ride-sharing firm Uber to read. The chart, part of a larger science and technology strategy, is aimed at encouraging unconventional makers like the car service app-developer and traditional tech contractors to help fund answers to oncoming national security problems.

The road map is an outgrowth of spring workshops with 40 companies that do classified work and a government analysis of the intelligence community's science and technology needs.

By syncing private-sector research now underway with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's threat predictions, the right technology will be ready at the right time at the right price.


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