Intel Community CIO Calls for Urgency

Intel Community CIO Calls for Urgency

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 09:47
Intel Community CIO Calls for Urgency Credit: Kimberly Underwood, SIGNAL Magazine

Intel Community CIO calls for Urgency


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s John Sherman, chief information officer (CIO) of the intelligence community, is alarmed about the shifting geopolitical forces around the world.


In his position since September 2017, Sherman is leading the flagship integration of the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise, known as IC ITE (and pronounced like eyesight), which has been a six-year effort to modernize the information technology (IT) for the 17 member agencies of the intelligence community (IC).


Speaking at AFCEA International’s Northern Virginia Chapter IC Information Technology Day last week in Fairfax, Virginia, Sherman stressed that the United States needs “to move with urgency” given the actions of state and near-peer actors who seek to challenge U.S. dominance across the globe.


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