IARPA Pivots to Fight Coronavirus

IARPA Pivots to Fight Coronavirus

Monday, 20 July 2020 13:10


IARPA Pivots to Fight Coronavirus


July 13, 2020

By George I. Seffers, AFCEA SIGNAL Magazine


Two research programs at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, commonly known as IARPA, are now undergoing evaluation to see if they may provide solutions to help counter the growing COVID-19 pandemic, IARPA director Catherine Marsh tells SIGNAL Magazine.


The Molecular Analyzer for Efficient Gas-phase Low-power INterrogation (MAEGLIN—pronounced Magellan) program has been developing sensors to detect harmful gaseous chemicals in the air. The goal is to detect weapons of mass destruction or chemical indicators of illicit activity, such as narcotics production. But now, the program is investigating how well its newly developed micro-gas chromatograph might work as a breath sensor to detect signs of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a life-threatening condition associated with COVID-19.


“We pivoted that research, and we went to clinical trials with that a few weeks ago. The early results are really positive. It seems that for standoff detection, there’s a unique signature associated with COVID-19, and you can track the progress of the disease, for example whether it’s waxing or waning, if you will,” Marsh says.


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