DNI Haines Speaks at the Activation of the National Space Intelligence Center

DNI Haines Speaks at the Activation of the National Space Intelligence Center

Monday, 27 June 2022 14:47

DNI Haines Speaks at the Activation of the National Space Intelligence Center


Story by Annika Moody, ODNI Office of Strategic Communications



The Space Force activated the National Space Intelligence Center which will be led by its newest unit Space Delta 18, during a ceremony on June 24 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.


Space Delta 18 will be responsible for delivering critical intelligence on threat systems, foreign intentions, and activities in the space domain.


Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines spoke at the event and stressed the importance of Space Force Intelligence for our national security.


“As the Service Intelligence Center for the U.S. Space Force, NSIC will be well positioned to support U.S. and allied space decision makers at an absolutely critical moment in the history of space development,” said Haines. “In the years ahead, the environment will only become more contested. And as we move forward, NSIC will be relied upon to produce and analyze scientific and technical intelligence related to space for the entire nation.”


Space Delta 18 is named in honor of the Space Force officially becoming the 18 member of the U.S. Intelligence Community in January 2021.


Maj. Gen. Leah Lauderback, the U.S. Air Force Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, has been leading the charge to create NSIC since 2021.


In April of 2021, Lauderback said in an interview with Signal Magazine, “the National Space Intelligence Center will be the Nation’s center of excellence for intelligence of foreign space and counterspace capabilities and intent.”


At the ceremony, Lauderback spoke on how vital NSIC will be to combatant commands, the greater Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community.


Col. Marqus D. Randall will hold the reins as the new commander of Space Delta 18. He congratulated the men and women that have made the creation of NSIC possible.


“Exhale, breath now, take a bow, job well done,” said Randall


In her remarks, DNI Haines recognized the possible threats to the space domain, including those posed by China and Russia as they develop, test, and field counterspace weapons, but said she is confident that NSIC is well placed to meet those challenges head on.


“If NSIC does its job well, as I know they will under Colonel Randall’s gifted leadership, we and our allies will make better decisions about space,” said Haines. “I know the women and men of Space Force are up to the challenge, with NSIC leading the way.”