ODNI Introduces New Talent Exchange Program With Private Sector

ODNI Introduces New Talent Exchange Program With Private Sector

Friday, 08 July 2022 14:38

ODNI Introduces New Talent Exchange Program With Private Sector


Story and Photos by Jessica Hrabosky, ODNI Office of Strategic Communications


Across the Intelligence Community (IC), agencies routinely work to develop new professional development opportunities for their workforce, including hands-on training, conferences, and higher education.


This year, the IC Human Capital Office established an IC-wide program that will team up with private-sector companies for additional opportunities.


Assistant Director of the National Intelligence for Policy and Capabilities Dustin Gard-Weiss recently attended the virtual Industry Day where he spoke about a new program called Public- Private Talent Exchange (PPTE).


“There are so many reasons to be excited about this program,” said Gard-Weiss. “It’s a great opportunity to get a different perspective on the IC not only from outside the IC, but outside the government. We also hear a lot about industry best practices, culture, innovation, etc. and this is a way to experience that first hand, to understand how other organizations approach what they do and to bring that perspective back to ODNI.”




PPTE is a congressionally mandated program aimed at providing IC personnel opportunities to gain skills and expertise in areas where the private- sector may outpace the IC. 


“There are numerous benefits of the PPTE program, there are two primary areas that stand out to me; first is that it will increase mutual understanding of and between government and industry, that we expect will help inform opportunities for stronger partnerships and our ability to better leverage what the private- sector brings, and second is that it will directly contribute to workforce development and our collective expertise.”




The IC PPTE program also provides opportunities for private- sector partners to work in the IC and better understand the intelligence problems, mission requirements, and the environment in which the IC operates.


The authority for this program applies to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the IC elements, the Military Intelligence Departments, and all other organizational entities that operate within the United States Intelligence Community policies, procedures, and processes.


The IC PPTE program is just one program that is paving the way for the IC to form greater partnerships with the private- sector.


“Whether it be technology, innovation, or expertise, among others, industry plays a key role in our national security and for the IC in particular,” said Gard-Weiss. “We need to continue to explore ways for government and industry to partner and work together, to strengthen this important relationship.”


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