Highlights From 2022 with ODNI

Highlights From 2022 with ODNI

Thursday, 29 December 2022 08:55

Highlights from 2022 with ODNI


As 2022 comes to a close, we at ODNI reflect on some of the year’s highlights. Scroll down to check out our top nine photos from the year and learn more about our history, mission and capabilities.


 ODNI informs

ODNI informs.


ODNI integrates information from across the Intelligence Community and assembles a comprehensive picture of foreign threats that is shared with the president of the United States, Congress and decision makers, enabling them to make informed policy decisions.


Pictured: DNI Haines and the directors of FBI, NSA, CIA and DIA appeared before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to discuss the IC’s Annual Threat Assessment.




ODNI 2022ODNI was formed out of the need for better processes and integration within the IC.

ODNI was created to strengthen and integrate U.S. intelligence following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The National Counterterrorism Center, homed under ODNI, is responsible for analyzing, understanding and responding to terrorist threats.


Pictured: Reflection of American flag at Liberty Crossing in honor of 9/11.



 ODNI 2022

ODNI strengthens and integrates the Intelligence Community.

The IC is composed of 18 intelligence elements. Each element plays a unique role in support of our shared national security mission.
As one community, we rely on intelligence professionals around the world who are focused on delivering the most insightful intelligence possible to our customers, ranging from warfighters to the president of the United States.


Pictured: DNI Avril Haines with members of each IC element during the production of the ‘United States National Intelligence Professionals Day’ video.



 ODNI 2022

ODNI invests in our people.

An impactful part of ODNI culture is professional development for those supporting the mission. ODNI regularly hosts other IC and DOD partners for “fireside chats” to strengthen partnerships and provide the workforce opportunities to hear directly from leaders across the IC.


Pictured: DNI Avril Haines and U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. discuss partnerships between the Intelligence Community and the Air Force in front of an ODNI crowd.



 ODNI 2022

ODNI propels cutting edge research.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity invests in research programs to tackle some of the Intelligence Community's most difficult challenges.
IARPA pushes the boundaries of science and technology in order to create solutions that enable the IC to succeed in its national security mission.


Pictured: IARPA Director Dr. Catherine Marsh held a press conference alongside representatives from IARPA partners, Ginkgo Bioworks and Draper, announcing the completion of IARPA’s Finding Engineering-Linked Indicators program.



 ODNI 2022

ODNI looks to the future.

With national security as the IC’s overarching mission, ODNI needs America’s best and brightest.

At ODNI we strive to create inclusive environments across all IC elements to attract and retain diverse talent. Employees are encouraged by leadership to take an active stake in workforce culture through voluntary participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and IC Affinity Networks (ICANs). Both ERGs and ICANs are employee-led organizations whose efforts foster workplace inclusion while encouraging collaboration, flexibility, and fairness in organizations.


Pictured: PDDNI Dr. Stacey Dixon visits the Coast Guard Academy during their 2022 Eclipse Weekend.


 ODNI 2022

ODNI establishes and develops important partnerships with entities interested in contributing to national security.

Collaboration at all levels between the IC and DOD is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of the United States.


Pictured: Retired Air Force Col. Michael Grebb, a 1972 Air Force Academy graduate, participated in ODNI’s celebration of the U.S. Air Force's 75th anniversary alongside Lt. Gen. Jeffrey A. Kruse, DNI’s advisor for military affairs.




ODNI 2022ODNI places a high priority on education, focusing on strengthening workforce training and expertise.

For 60 years, the National Intelligence University has prepared IC officers and leaders for tomorrow's challenges.

NIU is the Intelligence Community’s sole accredited, federal degree-granting institution focused on the intelligence profession. It provides students in-depth classified research opportunities and interagency engagement in courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Pictured: NIU welcomed its students during their 2022 convocation ceremony at ICC-B, Bethesda, Maryland.




ODNI 2022

The ODNI workforce is committed to public service.

The heart of the ODNI mission is to serve and protect U.S. citizens.

We do that by integrating intelligence and informing the president and policymakers of potential threats to the homeland, so they have the information needed to make policy decisions.


Pictured: DNI Avril Haines welcomed 15 new Americans during a naturalization ceremony in Vienna, Virginia.


As 2022 comes to an end, ODNI looks forward to innovating and forging new partnerships to protect the nation in 2023.