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DNI Clapper Statement on the Announced Retirement of David Shedd, DIA Deputy Director

Thursday, May 01, 2014



May 1, 2014

DNI Clapper Statement on the Announced Retirement of David Shedd, DIA Deputy Director

David Shedd, deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, yesterday announced his plans to retire after more than 30 years of dedicated and honorable service to our nation.

In working with David, I am constantly impressed with his brilliance, focus and determination. As an ODNI plankholder, he held one of the hardest jobs in the IC, writing the policies, rules, executive orders and directives that come with standing up a new agency, and he did it masterfully. David helped create the structures and processes to get the ODNI running and ensure the workforce was immediately supported.

As both the DNI's chief of staff, and then as the deputy director for plans, policy and requirements, David played an integral role with each DNI and was central to updating foundational Intelligence Community policies and its legal framework. He spearheaded the 2008 revisions to Executive Order 12333 and he was instrumental to the modernization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. David developed the 2009 National Intelligence Strategy and he played critical roles in almost every ODNI initiative from 2005 until his departure in 2010.

Together, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn and David Shedd have led DIA on a transformative path of integration while ensuring our policymakers and warfighters have the most insightful intelligence available as they face a seemingly endless array of threats around the globe.

David and his family have my sincerest appreciation for his exceptional service to our nation as a leader in the Intelligence Community, and his dedication to protecting our national security interests at home and abroad.

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