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Director Clapper Announces Steps to Deter and Detect Unauthorized Disclosures

Monday, June 25, 2012


ODNI News Release No. 9-12
June 25, 2012

Director Clapper Announces Steps to Deter and Detect Unauthorized Disclosures

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper announced today two immediate steps to help protect critical national security information from unauthorized disclosures.

To better protect sensitive information, and help deter and detect potential leakers within the Intelligence Community, Clapper is:

(1) mandating that a question related to unauthorized disclosure of classified information be added to the counterintelligence polygraph used by all intelligence agencies that administer the examination CIA, DIA, DOE, FBI, NGA, NRO, and NSA).

(2) requesting the Intelligence Community Inspector General lead independent investigations of selected unauthorized disclosure cases when prosecution is declined by the Department of Justice. The IC IG will establish and lead a task force of IC inspectors general to conduct independent investigations, pursuant to his statutory authority and in coordination with the Office of the National  ounterintelligence Executive. This will ensure that selected unauthorized disclosure cases suitable for administrative investigations are not closed prematurely.

“These efforts will reinforce our professional values by sending a strong message that intelligence personnel always have, and always will, hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism,” said
Clapper. “It is my sincere hope that others across the government will follow our lead. It is the right thing to do on behalf of the American people and in the interest of our national security.”

“All IC leaders are reinforcing this same message and fully cooperating as we take steps to address this critically important issue, which has profound implications for current and future intelligence capabilities and our nation’s security,” said Clapper.


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