Office of Naval Intelligence Hosts Seventh Annual “IC Pride” Summit

Office of Naval Intelligence Hosts Seventh Annual “IC Pride” Summit

Friday, 22 June 2018 08:42



ODNI News Release No. 21-18
June 21, 2018

Office of Naval Intelligence Hosts Seventh Annual “IC Pride” Summit
Inclusion and Camaraderie Encouraged at IC Pride Summit


LGBTA—A for Allies—officers from across the Intelligence Community today gathered at the National Maritime Intelligence Center in Washington, D.C. for the Seventh Annual “IC Pride” Summit. This year’s event included speakers from across the community most notably, Office of Naval Intelligence Commander Rear Admiral Robert Sharp and Executive Leader Todd Weiler, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

This year’s theme, Welcome Aboard, has been used in many different settings, but the significance it holds for the U.S. Navy and the ONI cannot be overstated. Life aboard a ship creates a lifelong bond among sailors. Whether you are a pilot, submariner, crypto-linguist, or Captain, you go underway as sailors—but return as shipmates.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats lent his voice to support the event through a video message stating, “We need a diverse and dynamic workforce that understands the world we live in today. It is critical that we respect each other and the work that we do for the mission on behalf of the American people.”

Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon shared a few inspiring thoughts “Know that our march forward with the LGBTA community in the IC will continue. It will continue because of all of you, because it reflects the best of who we are, and because it is right.” Ms. Gordon went onto say, “Each of you is here today in celebration of charting your own course in service of our shared mission. You should be proud of that.”

After the keynote speakers, break-out sessions met—in-person and via video teleconferences from posts around the globe—to discuss:

• The Struggle is Real – a look at the lessons, struggles, and practical applications of Civil Rights, Women’s Equality, and LGBTA Movements shape our culture today.
• From Shadow to Sunlight, Mental Health for the Rainbow Community.
• Trans Inclusion in the IC: How you can make a difference.
• Bi+: Lost in the Crowd – a guided panel discussion about the unique challenges and experiences of orientations that often get less attention.

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