ODNI Launches Redesigned Website

ODNI Launches Redesigned Website

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:00


ODNI News Release No. 10-12
August 1, 2012


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence today debuted the redesign of DNI.gov—enhancing the U.S. Intelligence Community’s web presence, increasing transparency and providing accurate, up-to-date information to the public.

Through a complete overhaul of its front-end design, the new DNI.gov site provides a look and feel that better enables the ODNI to deliver well-organized information in a timely manner to the public.

With content reorganized to better reflect ODNI’s mission to lead intelligence integration and role as the leader of the Intelligence Community, the revamped DNI.gov site includes a number of new features including links to all IC members, intelligence-related news stories, video, photographs, podcasts and subscription content from throughout the IC.

The website also reflects the ODNI’s increased emphasis on web 2.0 tools such as Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dni.gov), which allow greater reach and transparency as well as broader opportunities to highlight the efforts of our federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, private sector, and international partners.

The new DNI.gov was built using an open source content management system. The back-end changes provide a scalable and flexible architecture to empower innovative, efficient distribution of key information while reducing the costs of future investments.

Additional features and content will be added in the coming months to further enhance the experience for visitors to the site. In the meantime, guests to DNI.gov will find extensive ODNI content, connectivity to the entire IC, kids’ pages for several IC elements, and links to career opportunities in the IC and U.S. government.