Statement on the Release of a Cuban Individual

Statement on the Release of a Cuban Individual

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 12:24



December 17, 2014

Statement on the Release of a Cuban Individual

Today, the United States secured the release of a Cuban individual from a Cuban prison who provided critical assistance to the United States.  Information provided by this person was instrumental in the identification and disruption of several Cuban intelligence operatives in the United States and ultimately led to a series of successful federal espionage prosecutions. This man, whose sacrifices were known only to a few, has spent nearly 20 years in a Cuban prison due to his efforts on behalf of the United States. While many details of this individual’s cooperation remain classified, with his release today we can now discuss some of his contributions to U.S. national security.  

He provided the information that led to the identification and conviction of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) senior analyst Ana Belen Montes; former Department of State official Walter Kendall Myers and his spouse Gwendolyn Myers; and members of the Red Avispa network, or “Wasp Network,” in Florida, which included members of the so-called “Cuban Five.

In light of his sacrifice on behalf of the United States, securing his release from prison after 20 years –  in a swap for three of the Cuban spies he helped put behind bars – is fitting closure to this Cold War chapter of U.S.-Cuban relations.

Brian P. Hale, Director of Public Affairs
Office of the Director of National Intelligence