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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 14:21




ODNI News Release No. 10-16
May 25, 2016

Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Wins 2016 Leadership Award from Women in Technology

Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stephanie O’Sullivan was honored by Women in Technology this past Thursday with the 2016 Women in Technology Leadership Award in the Government Service category. WIT’s Annual Leadership Awards celebrate innovative women in the technology industry who are advancing diversity and inclusion within their sphere of influence.

Upon her selection, Ms. O’Sullivan said, “It is a true honor to be considered among this distinguished group of professionals and leaders. Diversity in all forms is absolutely paramount for the technology industry and for our work in the intelligence community.” This year’s awards were the 17th annual recognition of the pioneering work done by women across corporate, government, and entrepreneurial sectors.

WIT Awards 2016-190 2

Pictured are Women in Technology President, Lisa Dezzutti, PDDNI Stephanie O’Sullivan and newscaster Maureen Bunyan. (Photo credit:  Women in Technology)

Women in Technology is a non-profit organization that advocates for the advancement of women in technology. In addition, WIT provides “leadership development, networking, mentoring and technology education.”

To learn more about America’s Number Two Spy, see Trajectory Magazine’s recent profile on PDDNI Stephanie O’Sullivan, who answered a vague job ad for an ocean engineer and “never looked back” upon learning she was actually joining the intelligence community.

For more on diversity and inclusion within the intelligence community, including PDDNI O’Sullivan’s remarks at South by Southwest, click here.