Controlled Access Program Management Division (CAP MD)

Controlled Access Program Management Division (CAP MD)

Mission and Vision

We specialize in managing and facilitating methods to promote joint endeavors within and across the community and military.

Our mission is to lead and facilitate effective oversight and management of programs and related activities to enhance integration through risk-managed information sharing and safeguarding.  Our vision is to be recognized as the leading experts for ensuring efficient and effective information sharing and safeguarding to meet mission needs.

Key Principles

We value objectivity and transparency in our processes and communication as we execute our mission in collaboration with our internal and external customers. The core priorities representing our culture are:

Steadfast adherence to doing what is right through consistency of actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.

Expertise: Widely recognized as a reliable, credible source for all program-related issues.

Customer-focused: Serving customers’ needs by understanding their equities and working for a “win-win”, or at a minimum, an acceptable compromise. “No surprises.”

Diplomacy: Skill of dealing effectively with people in a positive manner, employing the art and practice of conducting effective negotiations in the presence of opposing views.