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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chief Financial Officer - What We Do

Monday, April 09, 2012

Chief Financial Officer

What We Do

The Chief Finanical Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Lead for the NIP budget guidance:  Draft Performance, Procedural, and Fiscal guidance
  • Advise DNI and senior leadership: Provide strategy for budget formulation, justification, and execution
  • Build and defend the NIP budget:  Develop DNI Decision Documents, CBJB, Budget Testimony, Appeals, Supplemental Appropriations, OMB Topline Requests, and lead IC IPBS Reviews
  • Manage budget performance planning:  Develop IC Annual Report, Quarterly Scorecard, Metrics, and lead IC Performance Reviews
  • Ensure effective execution of the NIP budget:  Prepare Apportionment documents, Reprogramming Actions, and Quarterly Congressional Budget execution Report, lead IC Execution Reviews
  • Participate in the development of the Military Intelligence Program
  • Lead IC financial auditability efforts: Coordinate Agency Financial Reports
  • Develop IC financial management policy guidelines and standards
  • Maintain the “IRIS” resource data base and ensure data integrity
  • Support ODNI requirements for NIP resource information and collaborate with ODNI staff
  • Liaise with the IC, OMB, DoD, and Congress on budget matters


Chief Financial Officer - Who We Are

Monday, April 09, 2012

Chief Financial Officer

Who We Are

The Chief Finanical Officer (CFO) ensures the most effective financial management of National Intelligence Program resources in support of national security objectives.

The CFO supports the Director of National Intelligence in formulating and justifying the National Intelligence Program (NIP) budget, overseeing budget execution, developing budget performance objectives, and facilitating Intelligence Community fiscal accountability and financial management improvement.

Monica Hayes was appointed the Assistant Director of National Intelligence and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in December 2015.

Workforce Planning & Worklife

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chief Human Capital Office

Workforce Planning & Worklife

Workforce Planning

The ADNI/HC provides IC enterprise strategic workforce planning guidance, oversight and venues for sharing best practices. The goal of the organization is to help agencies and elements develop mature systems that ensure the right person with the right skills, experience, education and training is at the right place at the right time and at a supportable cost. The ADNI/HC is providing pilot programs to provide workforce planning for small IC elements with limited resources. One focus is to assist IC mission partners to identify requirements, capabilities, and gaps, and to have enterprise-level visibility of the state of the IC workforce to potentially manage human resources corporately. The Workforce Planning team collects and consolidates data for all 17 IC agencies to perform Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act reporting on which IC activities are inherently governmental and which must be performed by government employees, along with an a service contractor invertory to provide an opportunity for integrate the two inventories to support balanced workforce analyses. The IC CHCO workforce planning organization also conducts IC-wide employee climate surveys to provide IC leadership insight into workforce attitudes and job satisfaction levels.

WorkLife, Family Support and Benefits Programs

Worklife is the name given to a set of programs designed to help employees better manage their work and family responsibilities. Traditionally, the goal of Worklife programs is to assist employees in achieving balance between personal and professional responsibilities. Worklife programs are designed to help employees better manage their work, personal and professional lives and include Worklife, Family Support and Benefits services.

Worklife Programs within the ODNI and IC are designed to:
  • Build a collaborative, competitive and comprehensive benefits programs to attract, recruit and retain employees
  • Address issues and concerns of workers in the 21st century to help the IC “Win the War on Talent”
  • Continue to develop and offer "best practice" programs provided by other government agencies and industry to attract America's best and brightest talent
  • Strengthen the sense of “Community” across the intelligence enterprise to facilitate interagency shared practices, movement and mobility

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