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Chief Human Capital Office - What We Do

Monday, April 09, 2012

IC Chief Human Capital Officer

What We Do

Ensuring the security of our nation requires hiring, training, and retaining a highly skilled and connected intelligence workforce. The IC’s mission is to make the Nation secure; an integrated intelligence community employing critical workforce skills at the right place and the right time is essential to that purpose. The Human Capital function and its attendant business processes, practices and tools enabling the IC’s mission.

As directed by the DNI, the ADNI/HC represents the general Human Capital servicing requirements for the IC as the IC Chief Human Capital Officer (IC CHCO).

IC entities operate together, sharing information and talent, to achieve the overall mission, accomplishing a shared goal through five core focus areas:

  1. Workforce Planning and Competencies
  2. Outreach and Policy
  3. Foreign Language Program
  4. Intelligence Learning Network (Includes Joint Duty Program)
  5. Business Office (Includes IC Awards Program and HC Information Systems)

Collectively, these core areas focus on developing the individual, enabling the IC to meet current and future mission requirements through attention to five objectives. These include striving to develop diverse pools of talent, recruit and retain the best for our workforce, provide them with career-long education/training opportunities, engage and motivate our employees through a sustained culture of excellence, and groom future leaders.

Chief Human Capital Office - Who We Are

Monday, April 09, 2012

IC Chief Human Capital Officer

Who We Are

The Office of the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital, Deborah Kircher, is made up of mission support professionals dedicated to Intelligence Community stakeholder needs.

They are strategic direction providers and IC advocates who primarily focus on profunctions and programs including:

CHCO Documents

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CDR: Describe

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Chief Information Officer

IC Technical Specifications

CDR: Describe


The Describe specifications define requirements and provide guidelines for the realization of the CDR Describe Component as a RESTful and SOAP web service and SOAP protocol. The content of these specifications specifies the Describe Service’s behavior, interface and other aspects in detail, providing enough information for Describe Service providers and consumers to create and use CDR-conformant Describe Services.


The Describe Service exposes one required Describe Function for exposing information that describes a content collection. The exposed information, referred to as a Description, is a collection of metadata that refers to the entire content collection rather than individual content resources in the content collection. The Description can be used by Describe consumers to make smart decisions regarding the applicability of a content collection, for example, this type of information can be used by Brokered Search providers to perform type, coverage and/or content-based search query routing.


This specification supports Intelligence Community Directive 501 (ICD 501), Discovery, Dissemination or Retrieval of Information within the Intelligence Community, which establishes policies for (1) discovery, and (2) dissemination or retrieval of intelligence and intelligence-related information collected, or analysis produced by the Intelligence Community.


Compliance with this specification is measured against all aspects of the technical and documentary artifacts contained within the specification release package. This specification is maintained by the IC Chief Information Officer via the Data Standards Coordination Activity (DSCA) and Common Metadata Standards Tiger Team (CMSTT).


Value Proposition

These specifications are designed to fulfill a number of requirements in support of the transformational efforts of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense Enterprise (IC/DoD). Features of this specification are:

  • To provide common service interfaces and a behavioral model to enable Describe consumers, such as Brokered Search providers, to discover relevant content collections from disparate collections across the IC/DoD enterprise.

  • To support the implementation of both the IC/DoD Content Discovery & Retrieval SOAP and REST Interface Specifications for CDR Brokered Search 1.1.]

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