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Monday, 14 March 2016 14:27

PDDNI Stephanie O'Sullivan (second from right) gathers with IC panelists

Spying the Future at SXSW: A First Look at GT2035:  In 2015, SXSW audiences helped the National Intelligence Council i.d. themes to include in our next Global Trends report. For 2016, we're asking SXSW attendees to help us hone the final product for delivery to the next US President-Elect.  The NIC relies on first-hand engagement with diverse people and groups around the world to research Global Trends.

America’s LGBT Spies: Secret Agents (of Change):  At SXSW meet some of the IC’s “secret agents” of change. Their personal struggles and pioneering efforts to educate colleagues, managers and senior leaders have paved the way for a culture of inclusion. As a result, the diversity of the Intelligence Community’s workforce - and the diverse thinking that produces the best intelligence - are more closely aligned than ever.