Strategic Intent for Information Sharing

Strategic Intent for Information Sharing

From the Intelligence Community Information Sharing Executive:

This Strategic Intent for Information Sharing provides direction and focus for our efforts over the next three to five years. It provides the framework to improve responsible and secure sharing across the IC and with external partners and customers. It recognizes that optimizing information sharing requires that we maximize and integrate the IC’s sharing and safeguarding capabilities, that we strengthen governance to address legal and policy challenges, and that we continue to promote a culture of responsible information sharing.

The Strategic Intent supports the DNI’s strategic goal to “Drive Responsible and Secure Information Sharing.” It is also fully consistent with the National Strategy for Information Sharing and with the National Intelligence Strategy.

The Intent is the result of a collaborative effort across the IC’s agencies and elements. It shapes our strategy for focused improvements in sharing and safeguarding information, and will serve as the foundation for a comprehensive IC action plan. The action plan will include specific information on priority initiatives, as well as how we will measure progress and the expected level of performance to be reached within specific timeframes. We will focus not only on technology issues, which provide important enabling functions, but also on the policy, legal, and cultural issues that are major factors in making progress.

I am honored to lead the IC’s effort to move forward on information sharing and am committed, along with the IC senior leadership team, to achieving results that build on past successes and position the IC for the future. All of us in the IC, wherever we sit, have a stake and a responsibility in improving responsible and secure information sharing, and I look forward to working with you on that important mission.

Corin R. Stone
Intelligence Community Information Sharing Executive, Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Policy and Strategy

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