2012 ISE Annual Report to the Congress

2012 ISE Annual Report to the Congress

2012 Annual Report Released
Posted by Kshmendra Paul, ISE program manager
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The PM-ISE proudly releases its 2012 ISE Annual Report to the Congress. The Annual Report serves as a single source for the year’s most valuable information on the accomplishments of our mission partners across federal, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and internationally.

The Annual Report is required by law to provide “a progress report on the extent to which the ISE has been implemented.” It serves as a capstone for the ISE performance framework and data about ISE mission partners. This year’s report includes an analysis of gaps in information sharing, and sets out the way forward for the years to come. The Report highlights major ISE activities since July 2011, including vignettes that showcase our strategy and mission in action and detailing progress in:

Maturing Information Sharing
The ISE continues to mature as agencies adopt and comply with interoperable business processes and functional standards. This section of the Report details how interoperability in the ISE impacts mission success and how it has led to many ISE accomplishments this year.

Optimizing Mission Effectiveness
Members of the ISE face many technological and policy-based barriers that must be overcome in order to effectively work together on shared goals. This section of the Report highlights how ISE agencies optimize mission effectiveness through assured credentials, network interoperability, data aggregation and correlation, and the implementation of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Standards Development and Implementation
Standards are critical to powering the ISE. This section of the Report describes the efforts by the office of the PM-ISE, its mission partners, and standards organizations to identify the best existing standards for reuse and implementation across the ISE.

Strengthening Safeguarding to Support Responsible Information Sharing
Success is built on strong relationships, and strong relationships are built on trust. As the agencies in the ISE work together to mature practices and technologies, they only further strengthen their ability to seamlessly share terrorism-related information. This section of the Report describes the culture of trust developing in the ISE.

Implementing Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties (P/CR/CL) Protections
Balancing the need for national security with the need to protect privacy and civil liberties, this section of the Report provides information on policies and training activities designed to enhance these protections.

Managing and Fostering a Culture of Responsible Information Sharing
As the entity with government-wide authority over the sharing and safeguarding of information, the office of the PM-ISE recognizes that common practices and standards across all agencies in the ISE will result in a more mature and cohesive ISE. This section of the Report touches on the management, integration, training, incentives, and tools that will help unite the ISE as a whole.