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Partner Engagement - Who We Are

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Partner Engagement

Who We Are

Partner Engagement is the office within the ODNI that focuses on integration, coordination and collaboration with the Intelligence Community’s domestic, international, military, and private sector partners.

Lt. Gen. John Bansemer, USAF, is the assistant director of national intelligence for Partner Engagement.

Domestic Partners

  • Facilitate integration between the Intelligence Community and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.
  • Promote communications and training to enhance mutual understanding between and among ODNI, the Intelligence Community, and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.
  • Implement and institutionalize the Domestic DNI Representative Program.
  • Develop and implement standardized processes for collaboration between the Intelligence Community and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.

International Partners

  • Develop and implement an enterprise approach to foreign intelligence relationships, aimed at integrating and optimizing Intelligence Community engagement with foreign partners.
  • Support the overseas DNI Representatives through direct engagement that facilitate their leadership of the Intelligence Community team in the field
  • Lead coordination of Intelligence Community sharing and foreign liaison issues through various DNI committees and forums.
  • Integrate and align key foreign intelligence relationships through the development of ODNI Partnership Plans, as a complement to the ODNI Unifying Intelligence Strategies.

Military Partners

  • Identify emerging issues and forge solutions to ensure the fullest utilization of U.S. national intelligence capabilities in support of military operations.
  • Develop and sustain communications and collaborative networks between the Intelligence Community and U.S. Military organizations.
  • Lead, manage and oversee the DNI Representative program at military commands.
  • Foster quality Intelligence Community participation in the joint military education continuum, focusing on improving war fighter knowledge of national and allied intelligence capabilities.

Private Sector Partners

  • Raise awareness of the importance of partnerships between the Intelligence Community and the private sector.
  • Facilitate the sharing of appropriate and relevant intelligence information to the private sector.
  • Improve and expand relationships with the private sector to build trust and leverage existing efforts for the Intelligence Community.
  • Maximize the use of private sector information and expertise to support intelligence missions while protecting privacy and civil liberties.


  • 703-275-2830

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

PE Links

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Public Affairs Office - What We Do

Monday, April 09, 2012

Public Affairs Office

What We Do

External Communication
ODNI’s external communication component manages media relations as well as its websites and social media presence. This group identifies important ODNI unclassified information to provide to the press that will give the general public a better understanding of the role and mission of the ODNI. The media staff establishes professional relationships with print and broadcast reporters, responds to press inquiries, develops media strategies in advance of newsworthy events or announcements, and prepares press releases. They also keep the Director and senior management informed of prospective and breaking news stories about ODNI.

Internal Communication and Outreach
The internal communication component is charged with communicating key information to the ODNI workforce, as well as to the entire IC workforce. This group works closely with ODNI leadership to ensure the widest internal audience receives important information directly and in a timely manner.  They are the primary liaison to other IC internal communication offices and work to share information and key messages.
This component manages internal and external outreach efforts to inform various audiences about the role and mission of the ODNI. This group directs community outreach activities with U.S. Government agencies and external stakeholders, ensuring key ODNI messages are provided directly to these audiences in an appropriate manner. Plans and community outreach also manages distinguished speaker events for the ODNI workforce.

The speechwriting component manages speechwriting efforts for the DNI, the Principal Deputy DNI, and the Deputy DNI for Intelligence Integration, and covers both their internal and external addresses. The team coordinates with speechwriters across the IC and the rest of the U.S. Government to keep key messaging consistent and deconflicted.

Innovation Team

The Innovation Team recommends and implements best practices for digitally-mediated communication, collaborating with offices through the ODNI on strategy, accessibility and transparency.  This includes the management of policy, design, and content for ODNI’s social media activities, internal and external websites.

Public Affairs Office - Who We Are

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Public Affairs Office

Who We Are

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Public Affairs Office (PAO) serves as agency’s lead for all internal and external communications. The PAO develops communication strategies to help disseminate key messages to various audiences including members of the Intelligence Community, the internal ODNI workforce, members of the media, and the general public.

The PAO is led by the Director of Public Affairs and consists of four distinct areas of specialty: external communication;  internal communication and outreach; speechwriting; and digital innovation. All components work in coordination to ensure that messages are consistent and are disseminated to the appropriate audience in a timely manner.

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