Rita Sampson

Sampson small Ms. Sampson is the Chief of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).  She advises the Director of National Intelligence on all matters relating to compliance with federal EEO laws, policies, and directives that impact the ODNI workforce and the Intelligence Community(IC).  In addition, Ms. Sampson develops and implements strategic approaches for achieving the IC’s diversity and inclusion goals, and she reports to Congress and Executive Branch agencies to provide transparency and accountability for results.  Leveraging the ODNI’s commitment to hire, promote, and maintain a highly-skilled, diverse, and inclusive IC workforce, Ms. Sampson leads a staff of EEO professionals within the ODNI.  She engages across the IC to establish best practices for compliance with EEO and diversity objectives, including: investigation and resolution of EEO complaints, provision of accommodations for individuals with disabilities, and fostering career development and leadership opportunities. 
From 2010-2013, Ms. Sampson served as a Senior Civil Liberties Advisor in the ODNI’s Civil Liberties and Privacy Office.  She supported efforts to ensure that the IC maintained effective safeguards to protect the civil liberties and privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution, Executive Orders, and federal laws. She also led IC initiatives to provide greater public transparency into IC programs and activities, evaluated compliance, and served as the lead for intelligence oversight reporting.  

Prior to joining the ODNI, Ms. Sampson served in various capacities within the United States Department of Justice.  As an Assistant Director within the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA), she served as the Agency’s EEO Officer, and led all aspects of the Agency’s EEO program covering 94 district offices.  Ms. Sampson also served as an Assistant General Counsel within EOUSA, specializing in government ethics and employment litigation.  Before joining EOUSA, she worked in the Office of the General Counsel at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where she litigated a range of civil matters, including complaints related to excessive use of force, Federal Tort Claims Act, and Title VII civil rights violations.  Ms. Sampson was an Assistant Attorney General in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General, where she litigated complex civil litigation matters. 

Ms. Sampson is a member of the Virginia State Bar, National Bar Association (NBA), and served as Special Counsel and Executive Board member of the NBA.  She was also elected President of the Greater Washington Area Chapter of the NBA, Women Lawyer’s Division.  She earned her juris doctorate degree from Wake Forest University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Government from the College of William and Mary.