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Chief Information Officer - What We Do

Mission: To enable enhanced mission success by leading IT transformation and protection of the Intelligence Community's Information Environment.


Vision: The IC executes its mission with increasing effectiveness, integration, and agility to stay ahead of threats.

In 2012, the IC CIO embarked on the largest IT transformation in the history of the Intelligence Community. This transformation, guided by the IC Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE) Strategy, is focused on enabling greater integration, information sharing, and information safeguarding through a common IC IT approach that substantially reduces costs. The IC ITE “officially opened for business” in August 2013.

The Office of the IC CIO provides strategic direction and oversight for the planning, assessing, implementing, and monitoring of IC ITE activities in support of the IC ITE vision of an “Integrated Intelligence Enterprise.”

The IC ITE Strategy 2016-2020 is focused on the three primary goals of IC ITE:


Goal 1: Enhance Intelligence Integration

Promote the Intelligence Community’s ability to integrate and unify intelligence activities by fully leveraging IC ITE.


Goal 2: Optimize Information Assurance to Secure and Safeguard the IC Enterprise

Enhance IC mission success through a trusted collaborative environment while protecting national intelligence information, sources, and methods, as well as privacy and civil liberties.


Goal 3: Operate as an Efficient, Effective IC Enterprise

Achieve an IC ITE operating model that employs common business practices and Community teams to deliver, adopt, and sustain shared enterprise services and capabilities across the IC.

The IC ITE represents a strategic shift from agency-centric information technology (IT) to a common enterprise platform where the IC can easily and securely share technology, information, and capabilities across the Community. To enable this change, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), in consultation with the applicable IC element head, has designated IC elements as service providers, who assume the responsibility for developing and maintaining IC ITE services of common concern. IC ITE Services are the capabilities and shared solutions that are being delivered across the IC to help complete the vision of IC ITE. These services currently include: a common desktop environment; a joint cloud environment; an applications mail; an enterprise management capability; identification, authentication, and authorization capabilities; network requirements and engineering services; and a security coordination service.

Working with the IC under the IC ITE Strategy, the IC CIO facilitates the development, implementation, and adoption of seamless and secure enterprise solutions that promote trusted collaboration – connecting people to people, people to data, and data to data. The strategy enhances the IC’s ability to securely discover, access, and share information across agencies and ultimately enables greater mission success.

IC ITE Implementation is an evolving process of consolidating and adopting Community capabilities. With the adoption of IC ITE Services, users will have broader and faster access to data and an increased ability to collaborate on common systems across the IC in ways that enhance mission integration and optimize mission success.