Training Resources - ISE

Training Resources - ISE

NOTICE: The ISE Core Awareness Training (CAT) is temporarily unavailable.  The CAT supplemental material can be found here.


The ISE Core Awareness Training Course is designed for federal agency ISE partners and provides a broad overview of the underpinnings of the ISE, its mission partners, its impact on the Nation’s security, and includes a significantly expanded discussion on privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections for the ISE.


Upon course completion, you will understand the purpose, process and benefits of information sharing and you will possess the necessary tools to implement information sharing practices on an individual, organizational, and community-wide scale.


Information sharing is fast becoming an essential competency in the national security profession. It is currently on track to become a standard employee performance evaluation criteria, and an integral element of agency incentive programs. The ISE Core Awareness Training Course is designed to ensure that you will succeed as an active participant in the world of information sharing.

Together, we can leverage information sharing practices for a safer and more secure America.