Protecting America from Cyber Attack


Detecting and disrupting cyber attacks before they happen is no easy task. It requires the skill, expertise, and resources of multiple agencies working together to defeat those who seek to harm the American people via cyber channels. Foreign governments, criminal networks, and lone hackers are relentless in their attempts to wreak havoc in cyber space. Currently, the cyber mission follows three unique goals which drive cyber engagement to determine current solutions and if they meet the greater Information Sharing Environment’s (ISE) needs:

  • Support partners to integrate and scale state-wide ISEs
  • Further align the field-based intelligence and information sharing entities
  • Support development of domain and departmental ISEs

Responding to this threat, federal, regional, state, and local government and private sector entities are taking steps to protect and defend these exchanges. Additionally, defining cyber crimes, computer crimes, and cyber terrorism requires developing a common vernacular among mission partners. PM-ISE, owing to our longstanding relationships across these communities, is uniquely positioned to foster responsible information sharing practices in a “virtual” ISE that safeguard national security, enhance law enforcement investigations, and provide needed context for intelligence analysts.


Cyber Information Sharing: Breaking New Ground


Law enforcement and national security personnel are using their well-honed information sharing skills to devise new programs, processes, and standards in the cyber realm. The same enduring interagency partnerships that formed after September 11th to fight terrorism are now focusing on the growing cyber threat. PM-ISE has built relationships with and among today's cyber trailblazers including:

  • National Governor’s Association Cybersecurity Summit
  • Fusion Center Cyber Pilot
  • Information Sharing Architecture Executive Committee (ISA EXCOM)
  • Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies (ASCIA) Sub-Committee on Cyber Crime
  • International Associate Chiefs of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Cyber Center