Who We Are

National Security Partnerships - Who We Are

National Security Partnerships (NSP) is led by Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Lt. Gen. Karen Gibson.


  • Domain Coordination - The Domain Coordination Office provides the collective domain "voice of the mission" and orchestrates the management of mission activities with regard to intelligence integration.  Integrates collection and analytic efforts against the space, aviation, cyber, and maritime domains.  Supports the integration of all activities related to the space, aviation, cyber, and maritime domains.  Synchronizes the domain strategies in support of national priorities.
  • IC-DOD Coordination - Seamlessly integrate capabilities, data, expertise, and insights to become a force multiplier for the national security enterprise and to ensure and enhance coordination of ODNI policy, programming, and advocacy to create effective and efficient decision advantage for ODNI leadership and IC customers.  To lead IC efforts to identify, analyze, and solve perennial IC-DoD enterprise-level issues, special interest topics, and subjects related to emerging and future technologies.
  • FSLT Info-Sharing - Deliver dynamic, strategic analysis of domestic partner landscape to ensure productive engagement.
  • Private Sector - Sets the strategy and policy framework, enabling the IC's ability to deliver timely, accurate, relevant intelligence, support and capabilities to stay ahead of opportunities and risks in our complex global and technological environment.