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  1. Phase II Cyber Attribution Using Unclassified Data
  2. Threats to Undersea Cable Communications
  3. Community Resilience
  4. Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  5. Aviation Insider Paper
  6. Implications and Risks of New Vehicle Technology
  7. The Future of Ransomware and Social Engineering
  8. Intellectual Property Rights
  9. Contactless Biometrics
  10. Risks and Vulnerabilities of Virtual Currency
  11. Going Dark
  12. Supply Chain Risks of SCADA-Industrial Control Systems in the Electricity Sector Risks and Mitigations


  1. Cyber Attribution
  2. Cybersecurity Brochure
  3. Digital Blackmail as an Emerging Tactic
  4. Electricity Infrastructure Summary
  5. ISIL Finances Team Intelligence
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Media Strategies
  8. Wireless Devices in the Workplace
  9. Supply Chain Security