Pre-Publication Review

Pre-publication Review

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Pre-publication Review

The purpose of pre-publication review is to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information and ensure the mission of the ODNI and the foreign relations and security of the United States are not adversely affected by public disclosure.

All information meant to be made available in a public forum must be submitted for review prior to release.

The obligation applies to current and former ODNI staff, including cadre, detailees, and contractors, who have access to classified information. There are two categories of material that must be reviewed:

Non-Official: Anything published or presented in your personal capacity. Examples include resumes, books, op-eds, personal blogs

Official: Anything created as part of your official duties on behalf of the ODNI. Examples include speeches, newsletters, official web pages, outreach documents, brochures.

The Pre-Pub Team coordinates with other IC agencies, as appropriate, and provides a single consolidated response to the requester.

The Review Process

1. Create material using:

    • UNCLASSIFIED sources only
    • No anonymous sources
    • Source citations within the document (not a list at the end)

2. For official publication or presentation, ensure your management chain has concurred, and any internal component review process for substance has been completed.

3. Submit your request via email for Pre-Pub Review (you will receive an automatic reply confirming your request). When doing so be sure to:

    • Include any previous review approvals you have received for your submission (i.e., from ODNI Pre-Pub or other Agency Pre-Pub group)
    • Provide all sourcing for cited materials that are not easily accessible via the Internet (failure to include all source material may delay your request)

4. Protect the publication from release until the ODNI Pre-Pub Team completes its review.  In other words, do not send to editors or academics for peer reviews until the review is complete.

5. Upon approval from ODNI Pre-Pub, you are cleared to publish or present.

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