What We Do

Transformation & Innovation - What We Do

Key Principles

  • Focus our attention, time, expertise and resources on posturing the Community for relevance and success in the future;
  • Push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and drive transformational innovation to capitalize on strategic opportunities; and
  • Address collective pain points, complex problems, vexing perennial challenges and emerging issues.

Key Outcomes

  • Create a space for new ideas and escaping the tyranny of the present.
  • Provide actionable assessments of over-the-horizon prospects of U.S. intelligence capabilities through comparative analysis and long-range forecasting.
  • Establish the tools to tackle perennial challenges and emerging issues delivering quantum change at an accelerated pace.
  • Generate a sustained commitment to continual innovation and improvement across the Community‚Äôs missions and enabling functions.

IC-wide Strategic Initiatives

  • Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines (AIM)
  • The Right, Trusted, Agile Workforce (RTAW)
  • Acquisition Agility (A2I)
  • Modern Data Management and Infrastructure (MDMI)
  • Comprehensive Cyber Posture (C2P)
  • Private Sector Partnerships (PSP)