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Lebanese Hizballah



Lebanese Hizballah
Lebanese Hizballah flag

Lebanese Hizballah is a political, military, and terrorist organization capable of conducting attacks worldwide. The group is committed to preserving its strategic partnership with Iran, bolstering the Syrian regime, and maintaining its own domestic power in Lebanon in addition to opposing Israeli interests and driving US forces from the Middle East. Hizballah’s Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO)—also known as the External Security Organization or Unit 910—is a highly compartmented unit that is primarily responsible for overseas terrorism operations, including against Western targets.

Hizballah views Israel and the United States as its principal adversaries and has been implicated in operational activity in the Homeland. Since 2017, FBI has arrested three IJO operatives—all of whom were US citizens—in the United States on terrorism and criminal charges.

Operates throughout Lebanon with relative impunity; has also worked with Iranian officials to provide training and other military support to Shia militants in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen; has conducted lethal attacks globally.

Approximately 40,000 fighters

Hizballah has state-like military capabilities, including air defense systems; antiship, antitank, and precision-guided missiles; rockets; and unmanned aircraft systems. Hizballah is proficient in a range of asymmetric and conventional tactics, including ambushes, assassinations, bombings, indirect-fire attacks, kidnappings, and other undercover operations. Hizballah’s IJO has a history of caching—storing items at unspecified locations for future use—explosives precursors, such as ammonium nitrate, and maintains attack infrastructure in various countries to support future operations.

The US State Department designated Hizballah as a foreign terrorist organization in October 1997. More than 60 other countries and organizations, including the EU, the Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, have also designated Hizballah—either in part or in its entirety—as a terrorist group.


Hasan Nasrallah

Hasan Nasrallah
Secretary General; charismatic leader who has overseen all sectors of Hizballah’s operations since 1992

Naim Qasim

Naim Qasim
Deputy Secretary General

Hashim Safi al-Din

Hashim Safi al-Din
Head of the Executive Council, which oversees Hizballah’s foreign relations department, media, social services, and other programs to garner Shia support; Nasrallah’s designated successor

Talal Hamiyah

Talal Hamiyah
Commander, Islamic Jihad Organization


18 July 2012

Burgas, Bulgaria

Bombed a bus carrying Israeli tourists, killing six people and injuring 33.

14 February 2005

Beirut, Lebanon

Conducted a VBIED attack, killing a former Lebanese prime minister and 21 others and injuring 226 people.

18 July 1994

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bombed a Jewish community center, killing 95 people.

14 June 1985

Athens, Greece

Hijacked TWA flight 847, held dozens of US passengers hostage and killed one—a US Navy diver.

20 September 1984

Beirut, Lebanon

Bombed the US Embassy Annex, killing 23 people, including 2 Americans.

23 October 1983

Beirut, Lebanon

Bombed the US Marine Corps barracks, killing 241 Americans and injuring 70.

18 April 1983

Beirut, Lebanon

Bombed the US Embassy, killing 78 Americans and injuring 120.